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Once More...With Feeling

Against my will I stand beside my own reflection

15 February 1988
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Carmen. 24 years old. Spain.
Bachelor of History. M.A in Archaeology.
My passions are Egypt. And Scotland. And Twizzlers. And Fluffy. And Shiny things. And vampires.
I am surrounded by books and music, and I love writing about anything. Fandoms are my drug, and Im biased towards BTVS and Queer as folk as much as I am towards Jpop -Arashi and KATTUN- and Jdramas.
Happily married to Matsumoto Jun and having an affair with Kamenashi Kazuya while he´s not busy making out with Akanishi Jin. I dont mind watching, though xD

Bad Mood. Good Memory. Sarcastic. Sincere.
Timetravel believer.
If you want something to be perfect, do it yourself.

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